Mission & Vision

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  • We will be the global partner for a safe connected world

    We help you to innovate and thrive in a connected world through independent product testing, inspection and certification. Founded in 1925, DEKRA has ensured safety through a wide range of services for close to a century. Today, our passionately committed safety specialists put their extensive expertise to excellent use across the globe. At DEKRA, we believe technological advancements can only happen when people feel confident that roads, workplaces, and homes are safe, secure and reliable.

    Our product testing and certification experts build loyal partnerships through their relentless passion for product safety and connectivity. Our customers rely on us not only for our trusted certificates, but also to help them consider all the safety aspects of every single component. We do so every step of the way, until a product reaches its destination.

    In a connected world, your product doesn’t just have to work – it has to work with everything else too. Our smart combination of safety and connectivity testing gives you the edge in a future where nothing on the road, at work, and at home works alone. That’s what makes DEKRA your partner for a safe connected world.

  • Three key areas of life

    Safety is a core need for everyone. We know that many accidents can be avoided. Therefore, we concentrate on the three key areas of life: on the road, at work and at home.

  • On the Road


    Our roads are becoming smarter. Technological developments are making mobility more connected, more automated and more energy efficient. How do we keep our increasingly mobile world safe? Safe is a car that smartly adapts to the conditions around it.

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    At work


    Our industries are changing through intelligent automation. A connected value chain and energy grid will become standard. Machines will order parts and learn to improve their own performance. How do we ensure correct operation and functional safety? Safe is an industry that connects smart energy to advanced production.

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    Our homes are evolving. Smarter homes allow us to make much more efficient use of our time. How do we ensure our homes are safe and secure as well as being comfortable? Safe is a home that connects all your devices securely.

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  • Vision 2025

    In 2015 – the year of the DEKRA Group’s 90th birthday – we stood at the dawn of a new era in our company’s history. Based on the statutory mission of our founding fathers, we defined our strategic direction for the next ten years. On the road, at work and at home – DEKRA’s skilled experts will help to improve safety across all the key areas of life. By our 100th birthday, our vision of being “a global partner for a safe world” should have become reality. Our ‘Vision 2025’ describes our model and contains the following five elements:

    • Our picture of the future “We live in a safe world” is based on the human need for safety, and represents our wish to be consistent in our dedication to human safety
    • Our Vision “We will be the global partner for a safe world” describes our ambition for the future
    • Our Mission “We ensure safety” describes our role in society
    • Our Corporate Principles are strategic guidelines toward which the company is oriented
    • Our People Values serve as guidelines for the day-to-day behavior of all DEKRA employees

    Please visit our corporate website for more information or to download the DEKRA Vision 2025 brochure.