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DEKRA Action Plan Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Coronavirus COVID-19 has a big impact on the world. Find information about how countries handle the pandemic on the channels of their designated autorities and on the website of the World Health Organization (WHO).

DEKRA will also keep you up to date about how we handle this issue. Since January 2020 DEKRA has been implementing measures at group level to prevent and contain COVID-19 infection. In the following DEKRA will inform you about the measures in the action plan that have been taken to protect the health of DEKRA employees, to protect the employees of contractual partners and customers and to ensure the continuity of business:

  • Worldwide information about the current developments of COVID-19 via the internal international communication platform DEKRA Connect. Our travel safety service provider provides DEKRA with regularly updated information on the risk situation for this purpose. In addition, the information and instructions for action are regularly sent to all managers.
  • DEKRA has set up a task force at group level. In regular meetings the participants (Board of Management, Works Council, HR, EHS, Group Medical Officer, IT, Group Communications) analyze current events and reports with regard to their relevance for DEKRA. Updates and resolved measures are communicated transparently to the employees.

Further measures that have been taken:

  • Travel ban in the risk areas (declared by the designated autorities in the countries and the WHO)
  • Returning employees from risk areas can work mobile from home for 14 days.
  • Recommendation to postpone unnecessary travel to a later date.
  • Recommendation to avoid large crowds of people (e.g. trade fair visits in an international environment).
  • Recommendation to use web conferences as far as possible for internal cross-border meetings.
  • Posting of hygiene instructions in sanitary rooms and worldwide dissemination of this information.
  • Worldwide employee instructions by the responsible managers on behavior and procedures in case of suspected COVID-19 cases, including the reporting chain.
  • The global DEKRA IT has taken precautions to ensure the operation of all IT systems so that they can be operated and used by employees regardless of their location, including from outside of DEKRA locations. This is supported by the use of laptops, mobile phones and modern workplace solutions.
  • In this way we ensure that DEKRA employees can continue to provide their services to our customers safely and reliably.
  • At large locations, such as the Stuttgart headquarters, meal times are regulated in the canteen and the self-service salad bars are closed.

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