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DEKRA recognized to test DALI 2 lighting products

International expert organization DEKRA is now recognized to test lighting products that use the DALI 2 communication protocol. The DALI 2 protocol brings new functionalities to lighting control systems by standardizing devices such as drivers, sensory devices, gateways, application controllers and inputs. The recognition fits into DEKRA’s strategy to keep smart homes and cities safe, secure and reliable.

dekra dali recognition led lighting products

Recently, DEKRA was recognized by the Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DiiA) to test lighting products according to the DALI 2 global standard. DALI 2 is based on the second edition of the international standard IEC 62386. The DALI 2 certification program optimizes interoperability and adds standardized performance and additional functionalities between lighting products and components.

This means that DALI 2-certified lighting products will be interoperable and can work together efficiently. In addition, the standard increases the potential energy efficiency savings of lighting applications, their customization and the ease of installation.

Independent testing by DEKRA confirms compliance with the specifications in the DALI 2 test program and can lead to the issuing of a certificate by the DiiA. In addition to testing for DALI 2, DEKRA offers a broad scope of testing services for lighting and home & building automation products, among which safety testing, performance testing, EMC testing, Zhaga testing, KNX testing, regulatory testing and wireless testing.

The DEKRA LED Performance Mark and the ENEC+ Mark, among others, help manufacturers set their products apart from the competition and comply with the growing range of energy-efficiency regulations.

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