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DEKRA at Testing Future Automotive Mobility Innovations

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Where Helmond, Netherlansd
Venue Automotive Campus
Event start 18-03-2020 09:00
Event end 18-03-2020 16:00
Industry Automotive
Type Expo



Bring breakthrough electric vehicle innovations to market faster

Whether you are designing new power electronics to facilitate renewable energy integration or developing technological advancements in electric and hybrid electric vehicles, design and test parameters are evolving rapidly in the energy ecosystem. Attend this session to learn how you can deliver better battery performance, improved electric drivetrains, efficient charging stations, and better power conversion in your designs and bring your breakthrough energy innovations to market faster and more safely.

Testing and Certification of CCS Charging Infrastructure against CharIn specification and international Standards

Seamless interoperability, reliability and safety of the charging process for electrical vehicles are a “must” for high level of consumer satisfaction. At the same time regulators around the world expect that EV supply equipment has to comply with strict local product safety regulations before being placed on the market and finally network operators expect to manage their charge points regardless of brand. Testing and certification can contribute to a seamless user experience and facilitates access to global markets.

Insights into automotive radar design and lifecycle

From blind spot detection and parking assistance to adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking, radar applications have grown in vehicle utilization and increased in technological sophistication. The advanced technologies, such as 79 GHz frequency with 4 GHz modulation bandwidth and micro-Doppler to detect and protect pedestrians, has led to new design and test challenges. This session introduces solutions to solve difficult challenges across the automotive radar design and test lifecycle.

Challenges & Solutions for V2X Communications Testing – Insights into 5G, V2X and DSRC

Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) with V2X capabilities offer long-range situational awareness for communications with other vehicles and the infrastructure for increased vehicle performance and safety. This seminar will review the measurement requirements and test challenges to comply with the technical status and standards of Dedicated Short-Range Communications (DSRC) of V2X technology.

Automotive Ethernet Testing – Insights into high speed digital characterization

Automotive Ethernet is increasingly more important as a backbone to a car's communication network. Car manufacturers, OEMs, and chipset vendors in the automotive industry are looking to Automotive Ethernet as the next generation communication bus. This session covers the basics of high-speed digital characterization and specifically looking at the requirements, challenges, and solution for Automotive Ethernet testing.


For more information visit the website: Testing Future Automotive Mobility Innovations

This event has passed.