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Certification process

How to get your products there?

Early definition of target markets is essential if you wish to successfully launch your products on a global scale. This allows you to construct an initial test program that will meet multiple requirements, resulting in significant time and cost savings. As one of the key players in the international CB scheme, we can conduct all the testing needed for your target markets.

Once testing is complete, the following general steps are required to
get access to national certification marks.


1. Submit documentation to DEKRA

The first step is to send us all the required documentation, including test reports.
Documentation requirements per country can be found under Access to Markets.


2. Submit samples (depending on the target country)

In the following circumstances, samples are needed:
a) If additional testing is required by the local authority in a particular country
b) To verify whether a product is the same as the one described in the test report.

For sample requirements per country go to Access to Markets.


3. Additional testing (depending on the target country)

In certain cases additional testing may be required:
a) Depending on the requirements of the local authority requesting a specific national mark.
b) To prove compliance where there are national deviations that were not included in initial testing. We can then carry out additional testing.


Factory inspection by local authority (depending on the target country)

In general, factory inspection reports from certification bodies such as DEKRA are accepted, but there are a few exceptions, in which case the local authority conducts the factory inspection.


5. Certificate issued by local authority

After all the necessary steps have been performed with positive results, the certification mark for the specific country should be granted by the local authority.

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Certification process

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