In a connected world, your product doesn’t just have to work. It has to work with everything else. Our smart combination of safety and connectivity testing can give you the edge in a future where nothing on the road will work alone. It’s what makes DEKRA your partner for a safe connected world.

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  • Safe is a car that smartly adapts to the conditions around it


    The leading technological developments of this century make mobility more connected, automated, and energy efficient. By 2020, a quarter billion vehicles on the road will have some form of built-in connectivity.

    Systems inside and outside the car will create intelligent mobility solutions that make driving smarter and safer. With these systems, the car can provide safety to help save human lives. It also saves fuel and avoids traffic jams. But how do we keep our increasingly connected and automated vehicles safe?


    In an increasingly connected world, the autonomous driving trend is giving rise to functions that make new demands on connectivity, coexistence, interoperability, and user experience. We believe that future developments and design solutions can only succeed if people feel confident that the car of the future will be safe, secure and reliable. Bringing safety awareness to the forefront creates great opportunities for the future modes of transport.

    With a unique track record in testing and verification knowledge in both automotive and mobile communications technologies, it is imperative for DEKRA to play a key role in defining how we can keep the future modes of transport safe.

    Our role

    DEKRA is strongly building its service portfolio in the area of connected, automated, and electric mobility. Our goal is to meet the growing demand in testing and certification triggered by innovations in these three inter-related areas that will reshape the automotive industry.

    With independent product testing, we help businesses innovate and thrive in a connected world while at the same time making roads safer. We are the global partner for a safe connected world.

  • Field testing the connectivity in your car

    DEKRA performs field testing, making sure that applications in cars do what they were designed for:

  • Solution
    Wireless test in one of DEKRA's wireless laboratories


    Wireless technologies today are embedded in many different applications and devices. DEKRA provides a complete portfolio of testing services for many wireless technologies, such as LTE, Wi-Fi, LoRa, OCF, and Sigfox ensuring compliant levels of security, safety, reliability, and interoperability.

    More about Wireless


    EMC & Radio Testing

    Nearly all electronic devices generate some form of interference and are susceptible to interference from their surroundings. To ensure that they work well, they should be immune to some level of external interference as well as emit limited levels of interference themselves. EMC & RF testing analyzes exactly that.

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    electrical safety testing

    Electrical Safety

    Non-conformant devices might expose users to electrical shock, mechanical hazards, fire hazards, electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields, harmful radiation, acoustic noise, temperature, biological and chemical effects, explosion and more. Does this sound a little overwhelming? At DEKRA, we’re here to help you.

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  • Program
    Cyber Security program

    Cyber Security

    Cyber security has become an essential part of both safety testing and connectivity testing. Devices, equipment, vehicles, machines and installations are increasingly controlled either directly or via the cloud. Securing these products is vital in order to safeguard consumers and critical infrastructures alike. We offer the knowledge and services to guarantee the safety and security of your products, systems and processes.

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    Chemical safety image

    Chemical Safety

    Chemicals are everywhere nowadays and, unsurprisingly, this is a heavily regulated area. At DEKRA, we test whether harmful chemical substances are present in a wide range of products and assess whether the concentration is within the regulated limits. In addition, we measure volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions to prevent hazardous substances from being released into the environment.

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    Conneted Car image

    Connected Car

    Cars are becoming increasingly connected, automated, and smart. Learn about DEKRA's connected car program, which works to make sure cars safely adapt to the conditions around them, whether that is a pedestrian suddenly crossing the street, a traffic light jumping to orange, or sudden braking on the highway.

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    Bringing a new electrical vehicle charger to the global market

    As one of the most important manufacturers of vehicle electronics, VESTEL is targeting the rapidly growing EV markets around the world. For the testing and certification of its new EV charger, the company turned to DEKRA.

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