In a connected world, your product doesn’t just have to work. It has to work together with everything else. Our smart combination of safety and connectivity testing can give you the edge in a future where all industrial solutions will need to work together. It’s what makes DEKRA your partner for a safe connected world.

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  • Safe is a workplace that keeps you securely connected and productive


    The wireless revolution brings a large number of challenges to industries globally. In the coming years, with the incorporation of embedded sensors and the analysis of big data in the cloud, the industrial sector will be subject to far-reaching intelligent automation.

    Pervasive connectivity throughout the value chain and in the energy grid will become no less than standard, from the initial design phase of a machine or product to everyday work in an industrial environment.

    The world is entering an age in which machines can order their own parts, perform maintenance, and evaluate and improve their own performance. But how do we ensure correct operation and functional safety, and stay ahead of new regulations?


    As product life cycles become shorter, future production must swiftly adapt to changing market requirements. The potential of the wireless revolution can only be put to good use when manufacturers and workers have confidence in these new technologies. Bringing safety awareness to the forefront creates great opportunities for technological advancement.

    Our role

    DEKRA ensures that the energy grid, industrial installations, and work environments function according to international safety standards. We support excellence in design, configuration, operation, and maintenance of industrial products and hazardous environments.

    Self-learning systems will improve efficiency to a certain extent, but they must be functionally safe. DEKRA helps to minimize the risks and optimize the benefits through rigorous testing, inspection, and certification. Our experts build loyal partnerships through their relentless passion for product safety and connectivity.

    Our customers rely on us not only for our trusted certificates, but also to help them consider all the safety aspects of every single component used around the world. With independent product testing, we help businesses innovate and thrive in a connected world, while at the same time making it a safer place to live. We are the global partner for a safe connected world.

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    Functional Safety

    Functional Safety

    Increasingly, the safe operation of equipment depends on the safety of its hardware, software, and its management system. Functional safety testing assesses whether a system or piece of equipment operates in the right way in response to the input it receives.

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    electrical safety testing

    Electrical Safety

    Non-conformant devices might expose users to electrical shock, mechanical hazards, fire hazards, electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields, harmful radiation, acoustic noise, temperature, biological and chemical effects, explosion and more. Does this sound a little overwhelming? At DEKRA, we’re here to help you.

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    EMC & Radio Testing

    Nearly all electronic devices generate some form of interference and are susceptible to interference from their surroundings. To ensure that they work well, they should be immune to some level of external interference as well as emit limited levels of interference themselves. EMC & RF testing analyzes exactly that.

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    International Market Access

    Safety Market Access

    Exploring global markets can be the key in achieving sustained growth. If exporting products is on your agenda, DEKRA can help you navigate international rules and requirements to obtain the local certification and approval marks that you need.

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    Wireless test in one of DEKRA's wireless laboratories


    Wireless technologies today are embedded in many different applications and devices. DEKRA provides a complete portfolio of testing services for many wireless technologies, such as LTE, Wi-Fi, LoRa, OCF, and Sigfox ensuring compliant levels of security, safety, reliability, and interoperability.

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  • Customer Case

    Functional safety management safeguards advanced valve systems

    Safety is ingrained in Mokveld's company culture. This global leader in advanced engineered valve systems looked to DEKRA to make their focus on safety demonstrable. Mokveld selected DEKRA to audit and certify their Functional Safety Management (FSM) system.

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