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  • Securing safety and efficiency in the energy and power sector

    The energy and power sector keeps the world economy turning. But changing global conditions pose challenges for the sector as economic growth drives a continued rise in demand for electricity. In this dynamic environment, manufacturers need to innovate as well as economize, while keeping their products safe and reliable, and conforming to changing standards to gain end-user trust.

    Likewise, operators need to ensure safe and efficient processes are in place to avoid downtime, technical failures, and accidents leading to injury and costs. Clean energy investments have hit record highs and traditional power generation methods are experiencing revenue downturns. Last but not least, digital disruptions are creating many new opportunities but also threats of cyberattacks. In the end, it all comes down to creating as much trust and confidence as possible among end users.

  • Trends & Developments

    Reliable Supply

    Increased stress on reliable energy supply

    As the world economy is growing, the demand for electricity is on the rise. With higher standards of living comes a need for a higher reliability of our energy supply. In addition, the need for new, greener forms of energy is omnipresent.


    Technological developments and 'smartification'

    The energy sector sees an increased implementation of measurement and control technologies, sensors and intelligent driver software solutions to align supply and demand. Static equipment is redeveloped and marketed with sensors, electronics and connectivity technologies. Because of this development, regulations are changing. 

    Double generation

    Double distributed generation

    Private as well as commercial customers in the energy grid are investing in and using different forms of distributed power generation, such as solar panels, electric cars and other forms of local power generation. This decentralized energy is fed back into the grid. It is expected that the amount of decentralized energy will double in the next decade, meaning the functional demands on the energy grid will need to be reviewed.



    Continued growth of renewables

    Sustainable energy is gaining serious traction in our energy mix; power is increasingly generated in a decentralized way. The availability of power varies more where it is generated, leading to a higher complexity in driving energy flows to ensure the right capacity is available at the right time.

  • Eliminating failures, reducing downtime and avoiding accidents

    Safe equipment and systems, adequate processes, and properly trained employees are vital for manufacturers and operators in the energy and power market. At DEKRA, we make sure you comply with international standards, national deviations and end-user specifications to maintain a high level of safety and reliability. We offer the full scope of low, medium and high voltage testing for products such as cables, switchgear, busbars, circuit breakers and transformers, as well as a wide range of services: from type tests and product supervision to factory acceptance tests.

    Flexible testing routes
    We are an approved and impartial third-party testing laboratory and inspection body for a wide range of utility companies in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Testing can be performed in our (ISO 17025 certified) DEKRA laboratories in Dubai, Hungary, Asia or the Netherlands. It's also possible to test in your own laboratory or in a third-party laboratory under our supervision (ISO 17020).

    We test and certify amongst others

    Low, medium and high voltage equipment for transmission and distribution of electrical energy:
    • Switchgear and control gear
    • AIS - GIS
    • Low voltage panels, medium voltage panels
    • Reactors
    • Switching installations
    • Automatic switches
    • Power factor correction equipment
    • Cables and cable accessories
    • Transformers
    • Bus bar trunking systems
    • Overhead lines
    • Insulator sets

    Renewable applications
    • Solar panels
    • PV switching equipment
    • Inverters
    • Onshore wind turbines (EXAM)

    Electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure (EV READY)
    • EV components
    • EV cables
    • EV charging stations
    • EV connectors

  • Widely recognized certificates
    Our (type test) certificates and (type) test reports are widely recognized and accepted by grid operators, utility companies, end users, governments, authorities and other stakeholders around the world.


    In addition, we ensure the safety of your plants and processes through, for example, assessing and certifying your functional safety management system. We also offer guidance, training and personnel certification.

    With the acquisition of the VEIKI laboratories, a member of the Short-Circuit Testing Liaison (STL) in Hungary, DEKRA has strengthened its position in the testing of medium and high-voltage transmission and distribution equipment and components. Learn more about VEIKI, a DEKRA company.

  • Our solutions

    Medium high voltage image

    MV/HV Electrical

    Eliminating electrical failures, reducing operational downtime, and increasing the safety of people who work in critical environments is vital for manufacturers of power transmission and distribution equipment. We make sure you comply with international standards, national deviations, and end-user specifications.

    More about MV/HV Electrical

    Plant Process image

    Plant & Process

    Minimizing explosion risks by taking adequate measures is vital in industrial processes where there is a presence of dusts, powders, gases, and inflammable liquids. Though it is the responsibility of the manufacturer or operator to evaluate these risks, DEKRA's services in this field can help. Visit the page to find out more.

    More about Plant & Process Safety

    Material Testing

    Material & Reliability

    How does your product function under stressful conditions? Material and reliability testing assesses and verifies how your product responds to challenging situations, such as extreme temperatures or shock. DEKRA makes sure your end-user stays safe by testing products rigorously.

    More about Material & Reliability

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