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  • Safe is minimizing explosion risks in critical infrastructures

    The plant and processing industry is facing many different challenges, but also opportunities. Leveraging expertise inside the technology ecosystem may become one of the most important ways that the plant and processing industry can set itself apart from the competition. However, day-to-day aspects such as ensuring process safety, avoiding downtime/unexpected maintenance and reducing time to market remain vital. The increasing complexity around interconnectivity, cyber security, and embedded systems will ask a great deal of various actors in this sector and spur governments and authorities into creating more stringent regulations.

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  • Assessing explosion risks through testing, inspection, and training

    Time to market, risk mitigation, and removal of barriers to market entry are all essential to a successful product launch. When working with DEKRA, you will be supported by a dedicated team that understands the importance of timely certification and have the technical expertise to test and certify compliance to multiple standards globally.

    DEKRA acts as a Notified Body for the European ATEX, as a certified body for IECEx certification and INMETRO (Brazil), and as a registered certification body for Ex products in Japan, providing your certified products with a passport to the world. In addition, we help you get your products certified for the US and Canada (FM, QPS), Korean (KCs), and Russian (EAC) markets. At DEKRA, we can help you to anticipate new developments thanks to our involvement in various standards committees, in which we support legislation and regulatory procedures. We also provide guidance & training, for example for IECEx05 or at your request.

    Assessment and certification

    In addition, at DEKRA we evaluate the measures you have taken to protect your assets against explosions. We can also assist with drafting explosion protection documents and hazardous zone classifications. To save valuable time for you, we can combine ATEX 114 testing with various other tests and certifications. Furthermore, for more comprehensive projects and tailored solutions, we have developed various programs that extend into risk assessments and functional safety assessments. In addition, we can assess and certify your functional safety management system.

    Our team of subject-matter experts provide customized solutions to the designers and operators of plants, equipment manufacturers, public authorities, and insurance companies. We assess the explosion risks in your processes and help you mitigate the harmful effects of possible explosions.

    We test and certify amongst others:

    • Products for use in potentially explosive atmospheres
    • Plant safety
    • Explosion process safety
    • Personal competences for explosion safety
    • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
    • Safety devices for personnel detection (explosion safety light grids, laser scanners)

  • Our solutions

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    Plant & Process

    Minimizing explosion risks by taking adequate measures is vital in industrial processes where there is a presence of dusts, powders, gases, and inflammable liquids. Though it is the responsibility of the manufacturer or operator to evaluate these risks, DEKRA's services in this field can help. Visit the page to find out more.

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    Guidance & Training

    Guidance & Training

    Making sure your personnel is equipped with the right knowledge is what keeps your products and company safe and on the forefront. As an expert organization, we share our knowledge about the latest regulatory and legal requirements, at a national and international level. Why not follow one of our training sessions?

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    Explosion environment

    Explosion Protection

    Explosion safety testing assesses whether your equipment is ready to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres. Through the testing, assessment, and certification of equipment, components, and protective systems, we make sure you comply with mandatory and voluntary safety requirements.

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