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  • Safe is smartly securing connected equipment

    The price of connectivity is declining steadily. Increasing numbers of radio technologies are being embedded within a single device. The global market for wireless products and components is evolving and growing, with devices becoming more powerful and ubiquitous but at the same time less expensive. In addition, reduced product life cycles require faster testing and certification, while regulators’ requirements are becoming increasingly stringent. The future of the telecom industry is challenging, but at the same time filled with opportunities.

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  • Trends and developments

    ICT Connectivity


    The number of devices with built-in connectivity features is growing fast; according to forecasts, there will be 50 billion connected devices worldwide by 2020.

    ICT New features

    Increasing flows of data

    Continuous and increasing flows of data will put more pressure on existing infrastructure.

    ICT Converge


    Convergence will push competition in the industry to even higher levels.

  • A truly global provider of testing, inspection, and certification services for a safe, connected world

    At DEKRA, we offer advanced technological services worldwide to ensure the safety, security, interoperability, compliance, and reliability of your IT and infrastructure equipment, wireless devices, and smartphones. We work together with chipset, module, and mobile device vendors as well as mobile, wireless, and cable carriers, M2M integrators, and IoT vendors. Our global network of laboratories can help you comply with the relevant standards anywhere. We can help you exceed your customer’s expectations by offering an integrated package of safety testing, security testing, wireless testing, mobile testing, EMC testing, certification, international market access, and more.

    DEKRA has a broad range of industry certifications and works in an impartial manner according to international accreditation standards. We participate in various consortia and alliances. This enables us to play a key role in defining how the development of new testing and certification schemes for wireless and IoT technologies can keep the future of communication safe and secure.

    We test and certify amongst others:

    • Mobile & wearable devices
    • Electric & electronic devices
    • Information technology (IT) equipment
    • IT infrastructure & network equipment
    • Internet of Things (IoT) & M2M devices

  • Our solutions

    Wireless test in one of DEKRA's wireless laboratories


    Wireless technologies today are embedded in many different applications and devices. DEKRA provides a complete portfolio of testing services for many wireless technologies, such as LTE, Wi-Fi, LoRa, OCF, and Sigfox ensuring compliant levels of security, safety, reliability, and interoperability.

    More about Wireless

    internet of things fraunhofer institute

    Internet of Things

    Manufacturers who incorporate many new innovative technologies into their products are facing demanding testing and certification requirements from amongst others regulators, end-users, and other stakeholders in many different markets. DEKRA works to keep the Internet of Things safe, secure, and reliable to use.

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    Cyber Security program

    Cyber Security

    Cyber security has become an essential part of both safety testing and connectivity testing. Devices, equipment, vehicles, machines and installations are increasingly controlled either directly or via the cloud. Securing these products is vital in order to safeguard consumers and critical infrastructures alike. We offer the knowledge and services to guarantee the safety and security of your products, systems and processes.

    More about Cyber Security

  • Meet our experts

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    Pilar Gómez

    Wireless & ICT
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    Ching-I Chang

    ICT market segment, Asia

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