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  • Technological progress that allows tailor-made products

    Manufacturers of machinery and operators are known for their high level of technological advancement, substantial investments in research and development, operational excellence, and proven reliability. However, Industry 4.0, connectivity and stricter regulations are all placing growing demands on machinery. Products need to be safe but, as technologies increasingly ‘converse’ with the other, the regulatory environment is becoming ever-more complex.

    As software is moving into the cloud, more and more machines are communicating wirelessly. Cybersecurity and the functional safety of machines and automated robotics are high on the agenda; these topics cannot be neglected in critical environments. Technological progress is allowing machinery manufacturers to tailor their products specifically to client needs while increasing the speed and flexibility of machine construction. Last but not least, a strong technological drive is creating new business models such as modular machinery.

  • Trends & Developments

    icon connectivity

    Wireless communication in manufacturing

    As software moves into the cloud, wireless communication in manufacturing is finally taking off


    Flexible technological innovations

    Technological innovations are allowing manufacturers to flexibly build machinery tailored to specific customer needs, anywhere in the world.

    icon cyber security

    Industry 4.0 cyber security

    The advent of Industry 4.0 creates a need for far-reaching cybersecurity measures.

  • DEKRA guides you through the regulatory maze

    For manufacturers of machinery, it is essential to gain end-user trust and comply with local rules and regulations. Your products need to be safe, secure, and reliable to use, and must comply with, for example, the Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC), IEC/EN 60204 (Electrical Safety of Machines), EN ISO 12100 (Safety of machinery - General principles for design - Risk assessment and reduction), EN ISO 13849-1 (Safety of machinery - Safety-related parts of control systems) and CSA 22.2 No. 301 (Machinery Electrical Equipment). They should deliver the right level of functional safety.

    As a manufacturer of machinery, to ensure you comply in a market that demands safe products, you need someone who can help you navigate through the complexity of current and future regulations. DEKRA assesses the inherent risks of your products, including by conducting a Safety Integrity Level (SIL) or Risk assessment amongst other things, before designing a testing and certification approach.

    If you are looking for a party that can help you meet the latest requirements for your product, working with DEKRA helps you make the right choices early on in the process. We help you comply with national and international standards through our global network. As an accredited EC-Notified Body organization, we also perform EC-type examination procedures for Annex IV Machines according to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. In addition, we can help you get your products tested and certified for the North American market thanks to our strategic partnership with FM and QPS. Paired with our long-standing expertise and solid reputation, our certificates and reports are widely accepted and indisputable. Get it first time right by involving DEKRA early on in the development phase of your product.

    We test and certify amongst others:

    • Machinery
    • Robotics
    • Industrial automation equipment
    • Industrial measuring and control equipment
    • Hydraulic systems
    • Professional electronic equipment
    • Hoisting systems and components
    • Mining equipment
    • Safety devices for personnel protection
    • Gardening equipment
    • Onshore wind turbines
    • Construction machinery
    • Packaging and food processing machinery
    • Annex IV machines according to Machinery Directive

  • Our solutions

    Medium high voltage image

    MV/HV Electrical

    Eliminating electrical failures, reducing operational downtime, and increasing the safety of people who work in critical environments is vital for manufacturers of power transmission and distribution equipment. We make sure you comply with international standards, national deviations, and end-user specifications.

    More about MV/HV Electrical

    International Market Access

    Safety Market Access

    Exploring global markets can be the key in achieving sustained growth. If exporting products is on your agenda, DEKRA can help you navigate international rules and requirements to obtain the local certification and approval marks that you need.

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    Functional Safety

    Functional Safety

    Increasingly, the safe operation of equipment depends on the safety of its hardware, software, and its management system. Functional safety testing assesses whether a system or piece of equipment operates in the right way in response to the input it receives.

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