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Testing, inspection, and certification for smart- city traffic and infrastructure systems

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  • Safe is securing smart city innovations

    Over the coming years, the design of traffic and infrastructure systems will rapidly change, spurred on by urbanization, the electrification of fleets, and more comprehensive regulations. Synergies created in communication technologies and IT hardware and software are leading to innovative solutions for tackling smart-city problems such as the reduced efficiency of transportation infrastructure, extended travel times, and increased air pollution. As technologies advance, the challenge lies in keeping the high-tech critical infrastructure safe while improving the quality of life for city dwellers.

  • Trends & Developments


    Renewable energy

    Within the next few years, fossil fuels will be overtaken by renewable energy sources, such as electricity and hydrogen, placing new demands on infrastructure.


    Congested infrastructure

    Ongoing urbanization is resulting in increasingly congested infrastructure, which innovative technologies can help to solve.

    Smart Car

    Smart car

    Technologies such as vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications and, in the near future, augmented reality (AR) will change the way manufacturers and suppliers approach safety and security.

    Smart Lighting

    Smart lighting

    Smart lighting is becoming ever-more commonplace in smart-city concepts.

  • Safety and efficiency are top priorities

    Whether you are a supplier in the traffic and infrastructure sector or a governmental agency, safety and efficiency are unquestionably your top priorities. At DEKRA, our certifications reassurance both public-sector authorities and private-sector manufacturers that any electrical goods or services they provide are safe and work correctly. Our certification marks and independent testing services help you demonstrate the reliability and safety of your products, giving you a competitive advantage.

    We test and certify amongst others:

    • Automotive, infrastructure, and street lighting
    • Charging systems and infrastructure (EV READY)
    • E-vehicles & hybrids in-vehicle systems (engine, battery, control systems)
    • Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
    • Parking payment systems
    • Toll & road pricing systems
    • Traffic control systems
    • Traffic lights
    • Speed cameras
    • Software and electronics

  • Flexible services

    DEKRA has many years of experience in transport-related testing and certification services, ranging from certifying traffic control systems and electric vehicle (EV) charging systems to testing retro-reflective clothing for road builders. Our global network of laboratories not only enables us to carry out independent tests, but also allows us to offer a particularly flexible service. In addition, we are a member of many different committees that develop the latest European traffic and infrastructure standards.

    Furthermore, we are actively involved in the continuous development and implementation of eCall, the uniform system that brings rapid assistance to drivers involved in accidents.

  • Our solutions

    electrical safety testing

    Electrical Safety

    Non-conformant devices might expose users to electrical shock, mechanical hazards, fire hazards, electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields, harmful radiation, acoustic noise, temperature, biological and chemical effects, explosion and more. Does this sound a little overwhelming? At DEKRA, we’re here to help you.

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    Conneted Car image

    Connected Car

    Cars are becoming increasingly connected, automated, and smart. Learn about DEKRA's connected car program, which works to make sure cars safely adapt to the conditions around them, whether that is a pedestrian suddenly crossing the street, a traffic light jumping to orange, or sudden braking on the highway.

    More about Connected Car

    Material Testing

    Material & Reliability

    How does your product function under stressful conditions? Material and reliability testing assesses and verifies how your product responds to challenging situations, such as extreme temperatures or shock. DEKRA makes sure your end-user stays safe by testing products rigorously.

    More about Material & Reliability

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    Customer case


    Heliox opportunity charge station 450
    Customer case

    Vestel Electronics

    Vestel EV charger e-mobility
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