International Type Approval (wireless)

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  • Get the technologies in your products approved for business

    Every product marketed in a specific country needs to be approved in line with that country’s particular regulations and standards. Some countries (i.e. EU countries) share the same approval scheme, whereas others work with their own processes and guidelines. It is difficult enough to know all of them, let alone to keep up with the latest changes.

    Additionally, today’s products increasingly integrate multiple technologies. It is therefore essential to take an efficient and consistent approach to the approval process in order to optimize your time to market and costs. For the DEKRA compliance team, tracking all the applicable approval changes is part of their day-to-day work. If you are planning an international approval campaign, contact our knowledgeable experts. Get in touch to make the necessary preparations and gain a competitive edge.

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    An internationally recognized and respected player with extensive experience.

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    Technical approval expertise

    Competent team of dedicated experts with many years of technical approval expertise.

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    We offer a global network of long-standing partnerships and a multilingual staff. Get your products ready for business virtually anywhere in the world.


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  • We handle approval of products that support one or more of a.o. the following technologies:

    • Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi™
    • RFID
    • NFC
    • LoRa, Airfuel
    • ULE
    • Sigfox, AllJoyn, Mirrorlink

    At DEKRA, we manage approval campaigns on a global scale, working closely with an experienced network of local compliance partners (e.g. authorities, test laboratories, approval bodies and engineers) so you can ensure your products reach the relevant market in time


    • We test amongst others:

      • Mobile & wearable devices
      • Electric & electronic devices
      • Information technology (IT) equipment
      • IT infrastructure & network equipment
      • Internet of Things (IoT) & M2M devices

    • Selected recognitions

      • Bluetooth® SIG
      - Bluetooth Qualification Test Facility (BQTF)
      - Bluetooth Qualification Expert (BQE)

      • NFC Forum
      - NFC Forum Authorized Test Lab

      • Continua®
      - Continua Authorized Laboratory
      - Continua Certified Expert (CCE)

      • FCC - Laboratory accredited for Radio and EMC Testing
      • ISED - Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada
      • Ministerio de Hacienda y Administraciones Públicas Dirección General de Ordenación de Juego (D.G.O.J)
      - Authorized Body for certification of gaming software

      • Regional Governments of Spain - Recognized Laboratory
      • Gaming Control Council of the Government of Panamá
      • HTC connect™ Program Authorized Test Laboratory
      • Airfuel Alliance Rezence Authorized Test Laboratory
      • Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) - CCC Authorized Test Laboratory (ATL)
      • ULE Alliance Authorized Certification Laboratory & Qualification Body
      • AT&T Mobile Broadband Accelerator (MBA) Lab
      • LoRa Alliance Authorized Test House
      • EMVCo Mobile & Contactless Card type approvals
      • Open Connectivity Foundation Certification Testing Laboratory

  • Meet our experts

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    Gema Briseño

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    Grace Wu

    Asia - Taiwan
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    Maggie Chen

    Asia - Taiwan
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    Otto Zhang

    Asia - Mainland China
  • Contact person

    Ashish Sikka

    North America
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    Tomas Avello

    South America

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