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Urban lab

Name: Smart Cities projects validation and consultancy services for Urban Lab Malaga excellence center SMEs. 
Objectives: The objectives of the activities developed by DEKRA within the scope of the project are:
  • The design, development and implementation of a Formal Validation System, comprising:
  • Methodology for obtaining validation stamp of accredited quality recognition.
  • Definition of regulatory, functional, interoperability and usability test cases, for Smart Cities systems and applications.
  • Performance of validation activities defined for SMEs beneficiaries of the Center of Excellence Urban Lab Malaga. This service is designed to test, validate and demonstrate technologies and services within the "Smart City" concept.
DEKRA was awarded a public tender launched by the EOI (School of Organization Industrial) for the development of these activities within the scope of Urban Lab project.
 Keywords: Smart Cities, validation.
Partners:  DEKRA
Funded by:
Period: 2014 - 2015