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What's new in standards and regulations

Changes in regulations for vacuums, cooking appliances, beauty care, motorized furniture and more.

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Highlights in regulatory changes

Over the past couple of months, multiple changes have taken place in the regulations and standards for various products and segments. Below is a highlight of the most important adjustments or future revisions.

A void in vacuuming

Not too long ago, regulation (EU) 665/2013 for the energy labeling requirements of vacuum cleaners was annulled. It had been active since 2014, but legal action was taken against it by one manufacturer who brought it to court. They challenged the way the energy consumption and performance on VCs was measured according to the regulation.

They stated that the measurement method of the energy labeling regulation does not represent the use of vacuum cleaners in real life. The regulation says to test using empty bags, while in real life they won’t be empty the majority of the time.

This has a negative influence on the energy consumption and performance of the VC, so it should be reviewed, according to the manufacturer.

Consequently, the EU court confirmed that the performance measuring method indeed did not reflect a real use situation so it was annulled. That basically means that the regulation is no longer valid and VCs don’t need to be fitted with the energy label anymore. It’s still unclear whether VCs that already have a label, for example when they are already in stock, should have it removed.

It’s important to note that the eco design regulation for vacuum cleaners (EU 666/2013) is still valid and should be taken into account.

Portable cooking appliances: hot surfaces

Over the past couple of years, there’s been some rumor around the IEC EN 60335-2-9 for portable cooking appliances. Earlier, we wrote the following article about this topic, and right now we would like to share an update on what is happening. 

Currently, CENELEC, the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization, is still working on revising and updating the standard. Most likely, temperature limits per appliance type will be implemented into the standard and doubling the temperature limit will disappear. More on this in the near future.

Other pending topics

Standards and regulations are always in development. For electrically motorized furniture and beauty care appliances, amendments are being made to keep up with developments in the market. For electrically motorized furniture, there was no clear rule for entrapment risks.

The committee is developing an additional part for the standard. Increasingly, manufacturers of beauty care appliances incorporate innovative technologies, such as ultrasonic technologies or high frequency currents for skin treatments, which require adapted safety standards.

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