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Zhaga Book 18 edition 2.0 published

Interoperability condition for future-proof road lighting

International expert organization DEKRA is one of the first labs that is recognized to certify according to Zhaga Book 18, edition 2.0. The company was a pioneer in certification according to edition 1.0 in 2018 and will also add the new service to its portfolio. In addition to testing for the mechanical and electrical aspects, it is now also possible to test for the requirements for communication protocols. This makes smart applications for (LED) road lighting a reality. Because of the recognition DEKRA can now test the complete scope for Book 18.

Zhaga book 18

Zhaga Book 18 is an easy way for government bodies to make the transition to future-proof road lighting. Interoperability makes it simpler to add new (connected) components to outdoor lighting at any moment, which results in a ‘plug-and-play’ situation. This makes smart lighting truly smart, because it is possible to respond flexibly to changing situations in the environment.

More and more parties exclusively want to use Zhaga Book 18, edition 2.0 certi-fied products because of this. If the corresponding Zhaga-D4I logo is on the product, it is guaranteed that products are interchangeable. Certification assures users that luminaires are equipped to work in combination with the latest generation of communication modules and nodes / sensors. DEKRA is at the forefront of this development through the combination of its knowledge in the field of smart technology and its long history in the certification of Zhaga products.

Jacob Nuesink, Business Development Manager at DEKRA adds: “We have been very active in the Zhaga community for years. This new edition has great added value for the entire public lighting industry and we therefore are also organizing a seminar for our customers and end users about the new Book, where Zhaga as an organization will also have a prominent role. ”

With the increasing use of LED lighting for roads, the energy consumption of governments continues to decrease. More control over the lighting (smart lighting) can play a role in further reducing energy consumption, increasing efficiency and saving costs.

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