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Cyber security in smart home devices (EN)

A trade-off between risks, costs and convenience

safety in the home

According to the latest predictions, the Internet of Things (IoT) will be made up of 22 billion connected devices by 2024. Much of that growth will come from ‘smart home’ consumer devices. However, as illustrated by various high-profile incidents such as DDoS attacks, cyber security vulnerabilities are putting people’s privacy and sometimes their personal safety at risk.

So how can manufacturers of smart home devices provide customers with the security they demand? Since this is such a new, rapidly advancing and complex area of technology, there are no formal mandatory requirements in the smart home industry right now. So which standards and certifications can serve as a guideline for cyber security? DEKRA’s Cyber Security Division in Malaga, Spain, advises manufacturers on how they can benefit from existing standards and certifications in order to help keep people safe and secure when they are using connected technology in their homes.

Read this interview with José Emilio Rico, Director of DEKRA’s Cyber Security Division, to find out more about how expert testing and evaluation can help to minimize the risks in the cyber security trade-off between risks, costs and convenience.

Read the interview

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