Annual Report 2018

Read up on DEKRA's worldwide activities in 2018


Our homes are changing

In a connected world, your product doesn’t just have to work. It has to work with everything else. Our smart combination of safety and connectivity testing can give you the edge in a future where nothing in the home will work alone. It’s what makes DEKRA your partner for a safe connected world.


DEKRA enters Chinese vehicle inspection market

DEKRA has entered the Chinese vehicle inspection market. The company opened its first inspection station in the Southern city of Shenzhen. Read on to find more information.

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What’s new in standards and regulations?

Learn about the latest changes in standards for vacuums, cooking appliances, beauty care, motorized furniture and more.

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Earning back (cyber) trust in your business

It’s interesting that when you google ‘trust’, many of the search results are about winning back trust, not just about establishing it. It seems that with tech companies getting a lot of negative publicity about the way they handle privacy and cyber security, simply establishing trust is not enough anymore.

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