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Name: Efficiency in energy consumption in the fourth generation mobile devices
Objectives: The project aims to propose solutions that contribute to the energy efficiency of the terminal devices in mobile communication systems, especially the fourth generation. Also contribute to the field of testing tools and the optimization of software applications. The project addresses the goals from four different fields:
  1. Development of measurement solutions that not only assess the performance of the terminals or radio interoperability protocols but also its efficiency and its relation to the transmission performance (parameters such as use of network resources, transmission speed and latency).
  2. Development of techniques and solutions for determining the energy efficiency and optimizing the energy performance of the radio access elements of the network and of the mobile devices.
  3. Development of techniques for designing software applications for mobile terminals, optimizing the energy performance of hardware devices that run them.
  4. Development of techniques for designing software applications specific to M2M communications environment to optimize the energy efficiency of this equipment and machines in their connection to the communications network.
 Keywords: energy efficiency, mobile communications, LTE-A, M2M
Partners:  DEKRA (coordinator), Sadiel, Ingenia, ISOIN
Funded by:

Gobierno de espania

Uníon Europea

Regulation: Orden CIN/1729/2011, de 9 de junio de 2011
Call: Resolución de 23 de septiembre de 2011 del CDTI
(BOE 21-10-2011)

FEDER - Interconecta
Nº: ITC-20111046INP-2011-0023-PCT-430000-ACT12INP-2011-0023-PCT-430000-ACT12INP-2011-0023-PCT-430000-ACT12 
Period: 2012 - 2014