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Name: Advanced Lifestyle Improvement system & new Communication Experience
Objectives: ALICE will research, develop and integrate a set of ICT based services into the existing TV set, allowing elderly people to enjoy experiences of communication and social interaction based on ICT.

Keywords: ICT, TV, inclusion
Partners: JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft (coordinator), Zydacron Austria, Thuisconnect iTip, Ina Koning Verzoging, DEKRA
Funded by:
Programa AAL (Vida Cotidiana Asistida por el Entorno).            Plan Avanza2 
 Call: AAL-2010-03
Nº: AAL-010000-2010-17
Ambient Assisted Living
Call: 2
Nº: AAL-2009-2-091
Period: 2010 - 2012