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DEKRA recognized as an Authorized Test Laboratory (ATL) to certify Wi-Fi 6E devices

  • Wi-Fi Alliance© has approved DEKRA's laboratories in Spain (Málaga) and China (Shenzhen) to provide certification testing services for Wi-Fi 6E as part of the ‘Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6’ certification program.

  • DEKRA is the first Authorized Test Laboratory in Europe that offers certification services for devices using Wi-Fi 6E, a new generation of Wi-Fi technology that brings faster speeds, greater capacity and lower latency into connected devices by using the 6 GHz frequency band.

DEKRA has been recognized by Wi-Fi Alliance© as an Authorized Test Laboratory to provide certification services for devices using the Wi-Fi 6E technology. DEKRA's laboratories located in Málaga (Spain) and Shenzhen (China) are accredited to provide certification services for Wi-Fi 6E according to the ‘Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6’ certification program. With this recognition, DEKRA is the first and for now the only laboratory in Europe accredited to certify Wi-Fi 6E devices. This new generation of Wi-Fi provides a better user experience and boosts new levels of innovation from the Wi-Fi industry.


“This is an important achievement for DEKRA and good news for our clients”, explained Thomas Jäger, Senior Vice President and Head of Technical Service Management Technology of the Service Division Product Testing. “The combination of Wi-Fi 6E and 5G technologies will provide a new user experience in, for example, new consumer products such as smartphones.”


“Wi-Fi 6E certification, as part of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6, offers the features and capabilities of Wi-Fi 6 extended to the 6 GHz band,” said Edgar Figueroa, president and CEO of Wi-Fi Alliance. “We are expecting the number of Wi-Fi 6E certified devices to grow significantly over the next years, and we are delighted that DEKRA offers certification services to Wi-Fi Alliance members.”


Wi-Fi 6E is a new generation of this wireless technology created to significantly expand the available operating spectrum and to enable higher performance in environments with numerous connected devices. Wi-Fi 6E uses the 6 GHz frequency band, in which only Wi-Fi 6 devices will operate, freeing 6 GHz networks from the overhead of supporting Wi-Fi 4 and Wi-Fi 5 devices, and enabling better data rates.

The certification program for Wi-Fi 6E allows manufacturers to ensure their connected devices perform at an optimum level, meeting the highest standards for security and interoperability in any environment. Wi-Fi Alliance will deliver Wi-Fi 6E certification as part of the “Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6” certification program.


Wi-Fi 6E devices deliver an optimized user experience, allowing to improve connection in homes with multiple devices connected, in enterprise and higher education campus networks, in stadiums and mass gathering venues, or in transportation hubs and shopping malls, among others. Besides, Wi-Fi 6E also enables virtual reality and augmented reality systems that demand ultra-wide channels, and extend battery life thanks to the latency is significantly reduced over 6 GHz networks.


“We are very happy to provide the latest Wi-Fi 6E certification service in our European lab in Malaga, Spain”, stated Alejandro Torrecilla, Telecom Division Director at DEKRA in Spain. “It perfectly fits our latest cellular 5G test and certification services”. Tommy Leung, Wireless Director at DEKRA in China, remarked that “DEKRA China is very proud to add Wi-Fi 6E testing to our wireless service portfolio in Shenzhen. We will continue to provide additional services very soon”.


In addition, DEKRA continues providing services for other certification programs of Wi-Fi Alliance as part of its scope as an Authorized Test Laboratory recognition, for example for WPA3, Miracast, Pass Point, Wi-Fi Agile Multiband, Wi-Fi Aware, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6, Wi-Fi Data Elements, Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi Easy Connect and Wi-Fi Easy Mesh, among others.


DEKRA also offers manufacturers testing and certification services for different connectivity technologies, as well as type approval, regulatory, global market access and cybersecurity services, among others, which makes DEKRA the best partner to support customers to prepare their products for any market.

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