Testing and certification for electric vehicles and charging infrastructure technology

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    E-mobility is on the rise. While vehicle technology advances, consumers are becoming more environmentally aware. Simultaneously, mandatory emission reduction targets enforce OEMs to introduce more electric vehicles. This adds a whole new dimension to the automotive industry. As a result, the e-mobility trend causes two previously separated worlds to collide: the automotive industry, that uses ISO standards, and the electrical world, where IEC standards are the status quo.

    So how can you, as an industry professional, keep up with all these developments? At DEKRA, we are uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between those two industries. We not only closely monitor the latest legislative requirements and industry standards, but we actually help with driving you forward.

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    EV charging infrastructure standards

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    EV charging standards


  • E-Mobility Testing
    Electrical Vehicle

    E-mobility Testing

    In the coming years, over 300 new full-EV models are expected to be launched in Europe alone. At DEKRA, we guide industry professionals around the world through the maze of options for e-mobility testing and certification.

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    EV Charging Station Technology
    EV Charging Handle

    EV Charging Station Technology and Infrastructure

    In today’s era of e-mobility, the number of electric vehicles (EVs) continues to rise in many countries around the world. As a result, a multitude of different standards may apply when testing and certifying EV charging station technology.

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    Electric Vehicle testing
    EV Chargin Station

    Electric Vehicle Testing

    The shift to EVs is forcing car manufacturers to develop new hybrid and full-electric vehicle models. This shift to EVs is forcing car manufacturers to develop new hybrid and full-electric vehicle models.

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