Testing, inspection, and certification for the entire retail supply chain

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  • Sourcing products with confidence

    Today, accessing information is much easier for consumers than it was a few years ago. They can now easily research products and share their ideas and thoughts about them on social media. They also have a much wider choice, as retailers increasingly source products internationally and compete with existing brands (e.g. with private labels). The challenges a retailer, importer or distributor has to overcome when they source a product in a foreign country are more demanding than ever. As a retailer, you need to be absolutely sure your product is safe, has the intended quality and performance – even in large batches – and offers the right cost-benefit ratio. Last but not least, you want to ensure that your product complies with local regulations.

    For end users, the most important factor is trust. As a retailer, you need to be confident that your supplier is continuously improving their way of working and the level of product quality and performance achieved in their factories. Likewise, retailers need to be able to trust their suppliers and the products to which they attach their name and brand reputation.

  • Trends & Developments



    Today, many retailers generate the majority of their revenue from online shopping. These e-tailers will have to keep upgrading their digital and e-commerce capabilities.

    Private labels

    Private labels

    Retailers are increasingly launching private labels onto the market, competing with existing brands.

    Competition from C2C

    Competition from C2C

    Anybody can become a retailer: the advent of consumer-to-consumer (C2C) shopping channels such as TaoBao are creating increased competition for large retailers.

  • DEKRA supports you throughout the supply chain

    Making sure end users know that your products are safe, secure, and reliable through testing and certification creates valuable insights and builds trust. Guaranteeing the quality of an entire batch of products paired with an increasingly complex supply chain is one of the biggest challenges in today’s retail sector. At DEKRA, we support retailers, importers, and distributors in complying with national and international regulations and standards to ensure that products are safe to use and reliable. In addition, we help you to develop a higher appreciation of your products amongst your customers and end users.

    DEKRA supports you from the product concept to the market launch. Our comprehensive services include initial supplier audits, continued surveillance, guidance on regulatory requirements, and a wide range of safety tests, quality tests, performance tests, endurance tests and chemical tests.

    Our technical experts can help you understand which requirements apply to your products in which countries. They actively participate in standards committees and are therefore fully up to date on current and future developments. Decades of experience in this field means that we are aware of changes in local markets and can therefore advise customers of the best possible response.

    DEKRA is present worldwide and has been accredited by the IEC, RvA, Hoklas, CNAS, ZLS, DAR, and EMSD, so you are assured of reliable and unbiased tests. Our worldwide network of state-of-the-art laboratories and technical expertise can help you export to markets all around the globe. Our test locations for retailers, importers, and distributors are situated in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, The Netherlands, Germany, and Italy. Our inspection locations are mostly located in China.

    We test and certify amongst others:

    • Batteries
    • Candles
    • Car accessories
    • Cookware
    • Decorative items
    • Furniture
    • Garden tools and power tools
    • Health & wellness
    • Large and small household appliances
    • Lighting
    • Luggage
    • Multimedia, IT, and telecom
    • Sports equipment
    • (Electrical) Toys

  • Our solutions

    Quality & Performance

    Quality & Performance

    Making sure your product lives up to your customer's expectations means testing it during product development as well as right before it is being put to use. Quality and performance testing ensures that your product achieves its desired life expectancy.

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    electrical safety testing

    Electrical Safety

    Non-conformant devices might expose users to electrical shock, mechanical hazards, fire hazards, electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields, harmful radiation, acoustic noise, temperature, biological and chemical effects, explosion and more. Does this sound a little overwhelming? At DEKRA, we’re here to help you.

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    What applies locally may not be enforceable internationally: as retailers and wholesalers look to source products in different regions, they rely on inspections to make sure their expectations are met and need their products to be compliant internationally.

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