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Name: Data mining tool for performance assessment services in mobile networks communications
Objectives: The project takes as its starting point the results obtained within the scope of the Nucom project, which has developed a system of quality of service data collection in mobile and wireless networks. The developed system mainly consists of a light application, which is installed in the mobile terminals, and a processing center and management that allows collecting the measurements made by the terminal and presenting them on screen. From the results of the project Nucom, technical objectives of the MIDAS project are:
  • Extend data collection capacity through new measurement techniques.
  • Investigate techniques of analysis of information obtained from the data collected.
  • Investigate visualization techniques such information.
  • Development of a tool to exploit the results, transforming the Processing and Management Center in an Advanced Analysis Center.

    Keywords: Data mining, performance, networks, communications, mobile
Partners:  DEKRA
Funded by:
Corporación Tecnológica de Andalucía
Call: 2015
Nº: 15/819
Period: 2015 - 2016